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Read the online version of the 2014 zine here: disorientation2014.

Use this pdf to print: disorientation2014_print. TO PRINT: Use a printer that has the capacity to print using “Short Edge Binding,” which should be under the “Layout” tab in Print Settings, or else half of the pages will turn up upside down. Also be sure it’s printed in Landscape and is two-sided.

+ On page 10 in the piece entitled “Dissecting Cox,” the position of Special Assistant for Community and Government Relations was mistakenly allotted to Sandra Hodge. While this should have been fact checked, this information was found on Oberlin College’s own website: http://how.oberlin.edu/glossary/detail/9 (as of Sept 2, 2014, Sandra Hodge is listed under this position).
+ On page 27, in the piece entitled “Liberal Zionism, Militarism, and Neoliberal Oberlin,” the article stated: “[Oberlin’s] investments in corporations profiting from the occupation—specifically, G4S, SodaStream, Hewlitt-Packard, Veolia, Elbit Systems, and Caterpillar—mean that any claims of solidarity with Palestinians are little more than lip service.” Unfortunately, because Oberlin has little to no financial transparency and instructs third-party money managers to invest the endowment, there is very little knowledge of what companies the college is actually invested in and how much those investments are. This is terrifying for many reasons. However, it also means that we do not know if the college is specifically invested in G4S, SodaStream, Hewlitt-Packard, Veolia, Elbit Systems, and Caterpillar. SFP/Oberlin Divest chose these companies for the campaign because they demonstrate a vast array of human rights abuses and connect the occupation to other militarization/environmental/human rights issues in the US and abroad.
+ On page 29 of the same article it was stated that “Oberlin’s administration and Board of Trustees have been resistant to endorsing the BDS resolution proposed by the Student Senate in spring of 2013.” The wording here was factually inaccurate. There were technically two resolutions: the draft resolution that SFP presented to the Student Senate and the amended resolution that Student Senate actually endorsed. If one were to read through the resolution as passed by Student Senate, they would notice that BDS is not mentioned anywhere. Technically speaking then, the resolution as endorsed by Student Senate is a divestment resolution. Student Senate’s decision to delete any mention of the BDS movement only reiterates the pervasive nature of liberal Zionist ideology on campus. In addition, the resolution was not proposed by Student Senate; it was proposed by Oberlin SFP. Initially, many of the senators were staunchly against the resolution, and it took SFP over a year of coalition building, teach-ins, signature gathering, and one-on-one conversations with senators to get the divestment resolution passed by Senate in an amended form.
All corrections have been made to the pdfs.

Oberlin Disorientation

Online version available! Read it. oberlindisorientation__readcopy

If you are a returning student (or recent graduate), you should have between $10 and $40 of print money that you will lose on Tuesday – please consider using it to print and distribute additional zines! disorientationzine2013__print93